About the Artist


Bob Spies

Bob Spies


I have been making sculpture since the 1970s.  My main interest is in figurative sculpture with cubist and tribal influences, initially in wood but in the past 10 years other media. The aluminum pieces shown here include some initial works (Torso and Crucified IV) and my latest Hominid series. I also do a variety of two-dimensional art: scratchboard, etchings, linocuts, paper collage and mud paintings, as a complement to my sculpture. I am honored by your visit. I hope you enjoy these works and feel some of the energy from their tribal and cubist roots.

Artist's Statement

Our nervous systems gather and store shapes, textures and colors with associated emotions. These are the raw materials of art, mostly hidden from our conscious awareness until drawn out by new experience and forged by the artistic impulse. I see the creation of art as a kind of truth, bearing witness to human experience in the natural world. Making or appreciating art becomes an interaction between the materials and the human nervous system, and, though the experience of the viewer and the maker are joined in the work, they are separate, dissimilar.

I gravitate towards tribal and cubist modes of expression, as they evoke strong reactions. The power of art is in its raw experience and language about art is pretty weak tea, so please enjoy the images.....